Visiting art project "About creativity, love and the most ordinary outback..."

"Visiting art project " "About creativity, love and the most ordinary outback ...""- an attempt to reveal to the viewer the beauty and uniqueness of that ordinary, everyday life, which seems to many ordinary, limited, closed, devoid of technical "benefits"." And it seems like this not only to the metropolitan viewer tempted by them, but often to a resident of the hinterland, who ceases to appreciate the rich harmony that life in connection with nature gives a person, work on the land, a feeling of being an inseparable part of the centuries-old way of life. Unfortunately. traditional folk culture is disappearing, almost gone, villages are turning into country villages, and palm trees from plastic bottles become the standard of beauty. The loss of connection with nature leads to a perversion of the concept of beauty and harmony. To revive respect for the people's way of life, traditional folk culture, work on the land, the common man - this is the goal of the project, creativity and love of Larisa Zhuravovich. Love for the native land, close and unfamiliar, but still native people, modest but surprisingly sincere Belarusian nature, for familiar objects from childhood that have become part of the author's life.   The art project
"About Creativity, Love and the most ordinary outback ...", which began in 2017, opened with a personal exhibition of works in Belynichi, the author's small homeland, known for its realistic traditions in fine art, the works of V. K. Byalynitsky-Biruli and V. Alshevsky. The art project covered almost all districts of the Mogilev region - "The Museum Ring of the Mogilev region". The final exhibitions of the art project were held in Mogilev and Minsk. The art project is also open to other regions of Belarus."



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